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"If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make the change"

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

The power of inspiration & happiness

We aim to improve happiness at work at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Our ambition is to establish a true and sustainable interpersonal connection between the 10.000 people working at the Campus. We believe and know that happy, authentic and inspired people are more creative and open to connect to others. This will enable to share our experience, knowledge and passion for what we do within the whole ecosystem. Only having this mindset and behavior we will unlock our full and joined potential! This will accelerate our goals here at the Campus : developing future technologies and products that will affect the lives of billions of people.


As at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven there is always a need to attract more, passioned, high educated people. And if they are working here, we want to keep them!

As it’s proven that people who are motivated, happy and creative and who are able and willing to connect to their true self, this will accelerate the overall performance! A true benefit for the Brainport region, High Tech Campus, business and self !

As happy and engaged people are adaptive in their mindset and behavior, embracing the constant disruptive challenges we face with positive energy and good faith!


As from now (May ’16) onwards we will create some ‘happy interventions’, which will make people smile and which will lead to a further connection with “others” on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. These happy interventions will create a ‘buzz’ and we will stimulate the Campus residents to actively participate!

We will stimulate the Campus being a happy-spot making use of the open ecosystem of High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

We will build and open an Inspiration-center, a High Tech Society landingspot, highly visible and at a central location at High Tech Campus. In this inspiration center, people can discover and connect to their true self and others, in a safe and inspiring environment. An environment which stimulates the sharing of ideas, knowledge and creativity in order to unlock the full potential of self, business and High Tech Campus as a whole.

We offer a wide range of services related to change and performance management, making use of an ecosystem of companies based in and around High Tech Campus. Companies and people with a huge (international) experience and with a common drive: to inspire, connect and accelerate business performance with happy and engaged people.


This is not something a single individual is able to establish. The power is in actual “doing” and “creating” something special together. The initiative is started by Folkert Huysinga, the owner of Hearttarget.nl, a high tech enabling company based at High Tech Campus.

As soon as the first ideas where launched, all different kind of people and companies jumped on the ideas and now we are joining forces in a group of inspired people & companies. We are encouraging all people and companies at High Tech Campus and in the Eindhoven region to participate. In openness and with fun.

Your are invited to reach out, smile and to discover. To join and to create our own initiatives that will make the difference. On both personal and business level. We can and will stay the smartest KM2 but can we do more? Can we be the happiest? The most creative? Let’s go for it!

What if you are not part of High Tech Campus infrastructure? No problem! We welcome you to connect and our ideas and services are available to you as well! Love to hear from you soon!

Meet who supports happiness & inspiration @HTC !

are you joining in next ?

De Meeuw www.demeeuw.com

De Meeuw is a leading constructor of temporary and permanent housing for your sector: healthcare, education, business, custom-made projects and rental. We take all the concerns of your housing project off your hands: from design to operation and maintenance. De Meeuw is a full-service provider of appropriately customised housing.

Fontys www.futureyourwork.com

The Fontys "Future Your Work Minor”,gives students the possibility to study, acquire experience, expand knowledge and develop attitudes and skills that will improve our ‘Future- proofness’. How can we craft our human future in a way that suits us? How can we integrate life and work skills in order to deal with the transforming changes that we encounter? How can we utilise such skills professionally and apply them in relation to others?

Happyspots in Einhoven

In Eindhoven we have 25 ‘happyspots’. Leo Bormans, writer of the book “The World Book of Happiness” is as ‘Happyness professor” a driving force behind ‘the Happy Spots Eindhoven’, of which we have 25! High Tech Campus Eindhoven is one of the Happy Spots. A place where you can find happyness and where you are invited to connect to others and to self and to expirence happiness !

Popei - Explore Music & Talent www.popei.nl

PopEi is a center for popmusic, with a focus on musical styles from metal to reggae, from rock to dance and from bands to singer songwriters, old an young, musical startups as estiblished names in the musical industry. Popei is THE place to be to be inspired by music and to get connected via music!

Eurest Food & Beverage

Part of Compass Group, Eurest develops modern catering solutions. With our culinary creativity, we add flair and style to healthcare institutions, hospitality outlets, universities and colleges, government institutions and many other organisations. Eurest is the food & beverage supplier of High Tech Campus

Hearttarget - www.hearttarget.nl

Hearttarget is a High Tech Campus Eindhoven based company with international experiance on training & coaching on the development of the softskills. The focus is to unlock the true and full potential of a team and/or individuals by estabilishing a change of mindset and behavior arround the biggest challenge and with this, to accelerate their performance.

If you want to have more information, or if you want to join the initiatives you are herewith invited to do so!

Contact Folkert Huysinga
Happiness ambassador @High Tech Campus

High Tech Campus 12
The Netherlands

📞 +31-6-13766635

😀 happy@inspirationcenter.nl